Monday, September 14, 2009

school has begun, my friends

Sophomore year started Wednesday. This is incredible! I feel the slightest bit nostalgic toward my freshman year, but nevertheless I am thoroughly enjoying what 2009-2010 has in store for me. Nikki and I have a super sweet room, and to my surprise I often find myself telling her, “no really though, I like our room a lot!” That feels pretty neat. We live in Stewart, which if anybody knows the Whitworth campus that means 25 paces away from the freshman dorm I lived in last year. Cool.

Classes are AWESOME. Monday Wednesday Friday consists of Spanish for Christian ministry (love it) and Spanish culture and civilization (not so much love but still a Spanish class). It’s incredible! Honestly, I wake up and go to a class where we pray, sing and discuss in Spanish. I love it so much! Seriously, the best way to start my day :) As for Tuesdays and Thursdays, my schedule consists of public relations class, ballet (woohoo!) and then interpersonal communications. Also, on Mondays I have the Whitworthian, the school paper, for an hour then intro to public speaking for 3 hours! Yikes bikes. Haven’t had that class yet but I’m hoping it doesn’t stress me out too badly.

So those are my updates. Keep it real. Oh, and if you get the chance to see Inglorious Bastards, watch it.