Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's chat and catch up a bit

So! Summer is great!  I've starting working, enjoyed lazy days, went to Sasquatch music festival, witnessed my little brother graduate and spent time with my family. Excellent!

After school was out and all of our friends departed, Amber and I were left to chill and find things to do in the fine city of Spokane.  I began work, as did she, and pretty much we sat around Wes' house (where we temporarily stayed since we lacked a home) and cooked bacon.  Dandy :)

Then I bid my lovely companion in mischief to attend Sasquatch music festival, aka music heaven.  3 days of incredible concerts and friendship.  Holy moly, after the last show I was so sad!  I definitely wasn't ready to go back to the real world where one's routine for the day doesn't include 12 hours of music euphoria and jumping around in a massive crowd of people. Let me just tell you, IT WAS AWESOME.

Then it was time to go home, recover from dehydration and 4 nights of sleep deprivation.  That Friday was my brother's graduation.  He's all growed up!  I must say, I'm very proud of him but it is quite odd to think in one months time he will be at basic training for the Air Force.  He's a stud and I'm so lucky to have him as my caring little bro. 
I don't have a ton of photos from that weekend, but here are two good ones. I had so much fun with my family this weekend!  Ty's grad party will go down in McClelland history, for sure!

In a house near Whitworth campus, an empty room patiently awaits it's new tenant. (that's me!!)  That's right! My roommates are already there, and tomorrow I'll drive up to my own house for the very first time!! :)  Can't wait!

Spain preparations: things are getting going definitely.  Last night my mom and I set up an appointment with the Spanish Consulate in San Fransisco to go get my student visa, which is really a big step I hope to get right on the first try!  As we speak/type I am selecting housing (again) since the choices I requested last time were no longer available.  Hopefully this time I'll get an apartment!

I'll blog more this month, promise.  This past week was absolutely nuts, which I loved, but once I'm settled in my casa I'll certainly be able to update all of you more frequently/consistently.