Thursday, October 8, 2009

You're gonna wanna read this...

What up wid it!

Awesome new stuff going on in the land of Lauren. Overall, this school year is going super well. Academic wise, I'm loving life. I don't have Core this semester which translates to, I don't have 2 books to read every week and papers due every 4 days. Yes, that is an exaggeration, but you get my drift. Regardless, I'm hyped. Just signed up to volunteer at Rockwood Retirement Community, so that's fun too! I think the first event I'll be helping out with is Saturday Scrabble, I'm pretty excited to do that! Also, I started the radio show I'm doing with Nikki! So epically fun. Honestly, go to and tune in a little bit before 5 p.m. on Wednesday evening. Our show is 5 to 7, we play some tuneskis and get crazy on the mic, aka talk amongst ourselves and any other friends we convinced to come hang out in the booth with us. My dad listened this week and told me it was like we we're just chillin in the room over, which I was stoked about. If I haven't convinced you to tune in on Wednesday nights yet, just do yourself a favor. Listen, and your ears will thank you.

Also, mega-sweet updates on me traveling abroad. To all family members reading this: remember when I was a wee high school student, and you would periodically ask me where I wanted to go to school, what major I was thinking about, etc.? Do you recall these precious moments? I do. Now let's think back to what I said... "Whitworth... blah blah... maybe UW... blah, I WANT TO GO TO SPAIN." I'm so glad you remembered that part too! So yeah, had a meeting with the lady in charge of letting people travel abroad, and she was pumped about me going to Spain, as am I!! So that went really well, my next step is choosing where I'd like to go. Options are endless, I'm really excited to dive into some researching of universidades espanolas.

Yup, those are the things my heart has been bursting to tell you all. Enjoy your October, y hasta pronto queridas.