Monday, May 10, 2010

Excitement grows...

What's up everyone!

Here's the obligatory I-don't-wanna-study blogpost that comes around twice a year.  I took one final today (cake) and turned in my 8 page Spanish ensayo (yipee).  I've got two tests tomorrow (not easy), one at 8am and another at 1pm.  Then Spanish on Thursday.  Then done/packing/finding somewhere in Spokane to put all my stuff. It'll be ballin.

Saturday I went to orientation for studying abroad, wooo!  My excitement is exponentially increasing... ah!  Oh, don't worry mom and dad, I got a few brochures from our coordinator titled "Parents" that I'm sure you're pour over once I peace out.

What else am I excited about, you ask? SUMMER!!!
In 3 days I will be done with school! So here's the low down: we don't have a house until June 1st.  Amber and I are couch surfing til then since we both have jobs here (more on that in a second) and we love adventure.  I included that last part because it's a well known fact that vagrants have more fun (or is it blondes...)  So what I'm saying is Amber and I are going to have a blast chillin in the sun, hanging out with friends, visiting the TC and all that good stuff.  CAN'T WAIT!  Then we'll have a house, then it'll be graduation party time when all my family comes to Tri-Cities, then it'll be U2 concert time, then swimming, then visiting Seattle aka the greatest city in the world, then boat races, then having a blast...
This is going to be great :)

So yeah, I've got a job!  Meet me at the mall, it's goin down.  You can't find me at Victoria's Secret doin my thing for sure!  I might have another job come July, which would be so great.  At this point I'm thrilled that money is going into my bank account.  Spain is a spendy place to be!

(no photos this post... I'm at the library)

I'm done procrastinating!
Back to work!
I want a cookie!