Monday, April 19, 2010

Accepted to la Universidad de Murcia!

Hello all!

Great, incredible, mind-blowing news!

I'm going to Spain!

Isn't that awesome? I received the email today while I was in core, and I was so excited! I cried in class, twice!
It feels so great to know, officially, that in 5 months I'll be "across the pond" enjoying everything EspaƱa has to offer.  I can't stop freaking out, and I've been hugging everyone I tell (cause that's what I need right now)!  So to all reading, I extend a warm abrazo (hug) via the interwebs!

So I've been holding off blog posts til I knew officially I'd be in Spain.  Mind you, this news has arrived a bit after the expected time.  This month has been great, but I'll skip ahead to now so this post isn't nine years long.

This past weekend was incredible!  Last week I had 3 tests and a hefty Spanish essay, then Friday after my last test I scooted over to Seattle and had an excellent time!  Brent and I experienced a great Mariner's win at Safeco, garlic fries included.  On Saturday I went to a baby shower with the fam.  Oh man I can't wait to see baby Brianna! 

In other news, Nikki, Sara, Amber and I have found a place to live for the summer!  We met with the landlord for a neat duplex really close to campus.  At this point we move in the first of June, but perhaps we'll get lucky and be able to come a tad early.

Now I'm looking forward to this week, which should be laid back since tests were raining down last week.  It's 80 today (yessssss) so I'm going to go enjoy that.  Fam and friends: I love you all and miss you!

Laura, Delsey, Nikki and I on a roommate-date.

Brent and myself getting entirely stoked at Safeco!