Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm here! In the hotel! This place is awesome!

Holy moly, pretty sure it JUST set in how amazing all this is. Let's start at the beginning.

6 am: BING-I'm awake and ready to go.  Our flight to Seattle was peachy, and we arrived at SeaTac ready for the 9 hour flight ahead of us.  Skipping ahead a few hours, and we're boarding the plane to Paris!  I was so so nervous, but it ended up way easier than I imagined.  Throughout the entire flight I watched only2 episodes of sex and the city as well as Brigette Jones' Diary... and it still felt way less than 9 hours.  Kayte and my dad sat together next to the window, and I was on the aisle seat nearest them.  On the plane I had the delight of sitting next to an older French gentleman by the name of Bernard (French pronunciation of course).  We ended up chatting a good chunk of time, and he told me of his study abroad adventure in the United States.  He was really excited for my trip and kept telling me how much fun I was going to have... just what I needed as I anxiously soared over Canada, Greenland and the Atlantic Ocean.  It was great.
Paris to Madrid was my least favorite flight, although it was only 1 hour and 40 minutes.  By then I was super tired (I had rested on the previously flight, never actually falling asleep though) and really antsy. BUT WE MADE IT!! WE'RE HERE!!

My dad, Kayte and I went out with Lindsay last night and had the perfect Spanish bar hopping experience.  We went to 4 places total, making sure to sample beverage at each location.  It was really, really fun and I'm extremely happy to think I'll be pro at bar hopping someday soon!

We're off to breakfast now, I'll write more soon!
Love you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I leave for Spain, my incredible new home, in 3 DAYS! 3D! Only not sucky!

So let's see: I said bye and left Spokane, hung out in Seattle/Hood Canal for a few days, and now I'm home for a brief moment until my Transatlantic flight ships me off to awesometown.  On Sunday we had a family going away party for Tyler and myself.  Here are some photos my Grammy took.

So cute! I'll miss my Grammy! I wish you could come with me and we could go absolutely bananas taking all the coolest photos at all the gorgeous places! You'll be moved in when I get back (fingers crossed) and I'm excited for that!

Anyways, 3D! I just learned how to say cool: guay! Oh shoot I can't wait to say that for reals.  I'd better continue the never ending process of last minute packing.  Yeesh.  I love you and miss you all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 days

I write to you on this incredibly hot summer afternoon in Spokane.  My stomach feels like a mangled, anxious mess and my palms are an unusual amount of sweaty.  This is my last day at my house--last day with my roommates.  See you February, my loves!

Getting down to it, I really can't wait to leave.  I've waited this long and now it's finally happening!  The scenario is entirely unreal, but boy do I love it.

Photos from late July/August coming soon.