Thursday, January 27, 2011


Tomorrow = USA!

I'm quite excited.  Family, friends and loved ones: I can't wait to see you all!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Felices Reyes Magos?

Less than a month until I come home! January 28th couldn't come any sooner.

Best wishes to everybody in this fabulous new year! And yeah, apparently there was a holiday Spain celebrates on the 6th of January, which commemorates the three wise men.  I found out the hard way by walking to multiple grocery stores--which were all closed!  It just so happens I was very hungry, so we'll leave this by saying the McClelland part of me got grumpy real quick.

I'd like to send a quick note out before everything with finals gets too crazy.  Life is great!  Sad to leave, but overjoyed to go home.  Home!  No more calling Spain my home (for now).  I'll make sure to post photos and stories soon from the Christmas adventures with my aunt Kerri (I kept a journal from the trip so I wouldn't forget anything).  If I'm not mistaken, you can check out my album of the trip here, regardless of whether or not you've got a Facebook page.  Check it out!

Finals start this Saturday (really?? tests on Saturday??) and continue til the 20th, aka my 21st birthday!  So excited!  I'll officially be old! (and with that comment I gladly dodge multiple swats from family members)

Mother dearest and Obie arrive in Barcelona on my birthday.  I'll go up to meet them, and over the next week we'll come back down to Murcia, grab all my stuff and head to Madrid.  Showing them around is going to be so great!  I'm already planning all the places I want to take them...  can't wait.

Love you all!  Before we know it I'll be home in Richland/Spokane/Seattle.  All three places at once would be nice, but that's just how it goes.

Besos, Lauren

ps: if somebody could make the snow stop in Washington, that'd be great.  I'm not ready for cold weather! It was 62 degrees here today, and I walked about town in jeans and a t-shirt.  Awwww man.... luckily I was prepped by the central Europe weather!