Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the preceding night

"Adventure awaits you! Have fun in Hawaii!"
Signed by my cousin Riley. He's in second grade and THAT awesome.

well, just hung out with the fam and then Kaitlin and Kayla before shipping off to far away lands! Lands containing bubble tea that will knock my socks off, I'm hoping. Lands that are 78 degrees at 8 pm. I'll soon be there! (I'm making this sound much cooler than it is, but oh well because I'm having fun.)

I'm an eentsy bit tired, and no matter what angle I look at it waking up at 4:15 tomorrow morning makes me cringe.

Anyway, I've got a charged iPod with all the Jemina Pearl I could ever need. Travel adventures part one: Let's do this!

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