Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I leave for Spain, my incredible new home, in 3 DAYS! 3D! Only not sucky!

So let's see: I said bye and left Spokane, hung out in Seattle/Hood Canal for a few days, and now I'm home for a brief moment until my Transatlantic flight ships me off to awesometown.  On Sunday we had a family going away party for Tyler and myself.  Here are some photos my Grammy took.

So cute! I'll miss my Grammy! I wish you could come with me and we could go absolutely bananas taking all the coolest photos at all the gorgeous places! You'll be moved in when I get back (fingers crossed) and I'm excited for that!

Anyways, 3D! I just learned how to say cool: guay! Oh shoot I can't wait to say that for reals.  I'd better continue the never ending process of last minute packing.  Yeesh.  I love you and miss you all!


Kerri said...

I hope we get more posts once you're at school and having lots of amazing experiences!! :)

Lauren said...

you will, most certainly!