Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vale, venga!

Yay Spain!!!!
(I wonder if I'll ever be able to start a blog post without something along those lines...)

So here I am! Sittin in my room, sweating up a storm, every window open in this dang apartment trying to catch any semblance of a breeze.  So far I've been unsuccessful.  Game plan: rearrange my desk to sit directly in front of my window.

I've been having some lovely lovely times here!  The fair was incredible (yay!) but now it's over (boo!).  That was honestly an awesome way to start this trip!  Instead of feeling cooped up in our own town, we were gifted with a 15 day celebration of Murcia!  Now I'm ready to go explore other places :)
Here are a few photos of my lovely fair days. I will miss the days where people of all ages go out at night to the same place and go nuts!

Pastel de carne... mmmmmm

So many good memories!! Anyways, now I start real classes on Monday! The academic setup at the university level is way different then the U.S., making it extremely tough to find what classes I want/which are available/when are they.  Students over here pick a major before they start freshman year, and from then on they have a fixed schedule all four years.  They have a handful of classes that they choose from, but the rest are neatly organized and fit together perfectly.  Then I come along and mess everything up, trying to pick courses from different majors and such.  It's a little confusing but I'm teaming up with my friend Emily to pick out some classes we could possibly enjoy together. Teamwork!!

Here's some photos of my house! I would post a photo of my room but I think I'll save my mother the heart attack.  BREAKING NEWS: Lauren's Room Is Messy.
But really, isn't my flat the cutest! Flat translates to "piso" in Spanish. Vocab lesson for the day is complete!

This is my kitchen!

The living room!

and the lovely terrace!

I'll rip the band-aid off early by saying I declined attending a bull fight last night.  I honestly didn't know til this week that they actually kill the bull!  Right in front you. Multiple. Bulls.  No thank you.  I came close to being upset at the parade, when I saw the horses forced to perform meaningless tricks that I'm sure they don't appreciate doing.  All in all, the bull fight isn't worth it for me.  I'll get just as much of the Spanish experience shoving my face with new sorts of tapas at the bar next door to the stadium!

What else is new... plans for trips are buzzing in the air.  Next weekend a couple friends and I want to go to Granada.  Seriously, everybody and their mom (literally, Lexi's mother) LOVES Granada and says it's the best. I'm more than willing to find out.  Bring it!

Love you all and miss you!!!!

---Here are some photos that accompany last week's post

At Maria's with deeeeelicious paella!

La Manga


The cathedral (big meeting spot for my friends and I)

I swear the ice cream is better here.

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