Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Super chulo means super cool.  I'm a big fan of the phrase.  Another favorite word: relampageando.  That means lightninging.  AWESOME.

I'll start where I left off, Granada!!  It was excellent.  Our trip included a sweet visit to the Alhambra, but desafortunadamente (another one of my favorite Spanish words, it means unfortunately) it started a torrential downpour just as we we're starting the tour.  It was really neat still, but Jamie and I were without umbrellas or sufficient outwear so we got soaked to the bone.  Luckily, all there was to do about it was laugh!  I spent a bunch of time with Jamie, Erin, and Beth.  They are such sweethearts!  Here are some of the photos I love most from this awesome weekend.

Granada really took the energy out of me, so last week I laid low in order to prepare for Milan!  Oh. My. Goodness.  Milano was so incredible.  If it weren't for Valentina and Giorgio showing us around I'm sure our experience would have been significantly less awesome.  Yet again it was rainy, but this time I was armed with my umbrella. :)

After a night of delicious pasta, wine and gelato (yummm) we set off for a perfect Saturday!

Then we went to properly check out the Duomo.  That place is insanely detailed, like most cathedrals.  It's exterior is really quite breathtaking.  I had trouble not snapping billions of photos!

After that we met up with Valentina and Giorgio.  We were a little hungry at this point so they took us to eat panzerotti, aka freshly made calzones stuffed simply with tomato and mozzarella.  The advice I received was to get two accompanied by a sweet treat, which suited me just fine :)  But the icing on the top of this already indescribably tasty cake eating our panzerotti while seated on the steps of the Duomo.  Mmmmmm...

Our personalized tour of Milan consisted of a few more necessary tourist spots, including the tile floor within the ritzy ritz shopping center.  Apparently if you place a firm heel down on this bull's testicles and take a couple turns around, you will have good luck.  I wasn't going to object!  We also rode on the old tram and window shopped a bunch.  Somehow, through all the mindblowingly expensive clothing stores, I managed to find a 30 euro dress that I simply couldn't live without.  Now I can say, "I bought this in Milan!!" :)

Such a great weekend!!!!!! I hope to go back to Milan someday!!

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