Sunday, August 16, 2009

The weekend


That's what it comes down to. If time travel was an option right now, I'd be on that.

First of all, let's start with a little update on this hair bananza. I think I'll use photos to describe this transition.

before hair color


AND post-bangs action
Goodness me. I'm diggin it. I once struggled with bangsxiety, but oh-so quickly overcame it. (yeah I made up that word, defining moment in my life) Lexi cut my hair, and dang she is good!

So getting on to the good stuff. WARPED TOUR 2009.

To describe my experience with Warped Tour is simply impossible. There is no way to accurately recreate through words how excited I was. With that said, here's my attempt.

Take a moment to imagine your few favorite music artists. Those glorious, cherished ones that you always turn to for musical inspiration. The default tunes for anytime you get into a car and go. You got those in your head? Okay, now add your next 10 favorite bands to that list. Now picture going to a music festival and seeing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Does that help in visualizing how amazing my weekend was?

Here's a list of all the bands I saw this weekend (in order): We The Kings, Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada (absolute favorite), Underoath, Attack Attack!, Senses Fail, Chiodos, Meg and Dia, Less Than Jake, A Day To Remember, Streetlight Manifesto, Saosin.

Wow. Just wow. All those, in one location, all playing music for me to enjoy! Pure awesomeness.

Highlight of the weekend (and my entire life) was for sure seeing The Devil Wears Prada, AND THEM HAVING THEM SIGN MY SHIRT. That's right. I bought a shirt, well, more like an awesome Devil Wears Prada jersey thing, at their merchandise booth earlier that day. Then I just so happened to walk around the corner and see my favorite band signing autographs. If you want to know the honest and brutal truth... I cried. I really did. I realize that basically NOBODY else looked as overwhelmed as I did, but seriously, in that moment I had no other choice. My ability to handle emotions plus the level of happiness I was experiencing left me incapable of heeding socially accepted norms. Haha

Well shoot. I'd say you get the jist of my spectacular weekend. I'll keep you posted on more sweet slash somewhat entertaining news in my life :)

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Kerri McClelland said...

love the hair and enjoy all the concerts you can!