Friday, August 7, 2009

It's been a while

Like I said, I've totally been neglecting business on the blog front. Oh well, if you really care that much you can simply creep on my Facebook. Yes, that's me giving you permission to do so... weird.

Recap of my life (based on academic calender)

Jan Term: Absolutely ballin.
Maybe the most fun I've ever had at college so far. Intensive Oral Spanish, you changed my life forever. I am incredibly grateful. Somehow I won Mejora Actriz (best actress) which was pretty legit. Also, basketballs games rocked! No more cheering at football games, where all one does is stare at the crowd as they peer right back at you. Not anymore, my friend! Much more dancing (YES) and... well yeah that's about it. More red lipstick wearing too, a for sure plus. To say "I dig it," would be a foolish understatement. Snow was fun as well, although snow fights had their ups and downs.

Spring Semester: Down-right amazing.
Classes were as follows; Spanish-302, Finite Math, Acts of the Apostles, Sociology. My favorite was spanish, duh. Angeles Aller is ferociously cool. I do not know how she does it, but I always end up loving that class more than anything. Also, I went to some sweet shows and crowd surfed for my first time, excellent. Spokane definitely has won me over in the live music aspect, my gosh. So then spring time came, and oh was it glorious. If you haven't yet, come visit the Whitworth campus. Sunshine + the Loop = nirvana. Toss an ice tea and/or frisbee in the mix, and it's absolutely perfect.

Summer Time: Alright, alriiiight.
May 16, 2009. School's out. I'm leaving my new beloved friends for three whole months. Life seems... pretty bleak, despite the sunshine anxiously tapping on my shoulder, desperate to distract me. (did it bother anyone else how many d's were in the sentence?) Yeah yeah, I can be dramatic sometimes. Oh don't worry, I'm trying to stop. It's not very becoming of me.

But yeahhhh, all jokes aside (jokes that hold very much truth, I might add) summer is going very well. Hanging out with friends from home is so sweet, literally. We go to DQ all the time! I've certainly missed them, though. And now that most of them are leaving this week, it's been rough letting them go, again. Round two... awesome. Lucky for me, summer coming to an end brings a truth I can't bear to ignore; I get to go back to Whitworth!!

I've taken a few noteworthy trips as well. In May I picked up Cyrus and Jake, and we voyaged down to Oakdale, CA, to see Amber, as well as Santa Cruz to visit Wes. It was awesome! So much fricking fun. Then in June I went to Montana and saw Nikki, man that was a much needed visit! I'm pretty sure it would have been physically impossible to spend an entire summer away from Nikki. And last weekend for Seafair I went to West Side and frolicked in the Seattle sun with Jake and Sara. All in all, it's been awesome! Oh, and this weekend the fam and I went down to Hood River (I'm so hood) and white water rafted! Wow, I truly recommend it. So much fun!! I can't wait to go again!

So if it hasn't become obnoxiously obvious that I love Whitworth, you may want to ask someone you trust to give you a good slap in the face. Alright, don't do that, but honestly. I've found my niche. My happy place. My own corner of the world where the ever-changing concept of "me" appears to makes a little more sense, (I'd be lying to your face if I said I had it all figured out).

If that was a little less (or more) than you bargained for, than I'm sorry. Stay posted and I might unleash more college/life/randomness into the world wide web, via this awesome blog.

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