Sunday, January 17, 2010



So we've been having ourselves a grand time here on little ol' Hawai'i. I guess I'll catch you up to speed since we've done some neat stuff.

Iolani Palace! Where the last two reigning Hawaiian monarchs lived. This is one of my favorite field trips, so far. We got to check out everything: hang out in the parlor and throne room (my favorite), and see the room where Queen Liliuokalani was imprisoned until she gave up the rights to the U.S. That was not the best feeling, being in there and wondering how awful it must have felt to give up her country.

The photo below is of Sara and I about 2 hours after studying for our exam. Pretty nice situation, if you ask me.

Alright back to the good stuff. So we took our exam and had a free day, so of course we went to the beach. THENNNN we got all gussied up and walked around town, got some cold stone (yumm) and hit the hay, prepping for the following day's great festivities.

So I'm bad at this and got no photos, but we went to the Aloha Stadium swap meet! So many vendors, selling everything. Over 700 vendors to be exact! This is where Sara got a coconut! I didn't like it very much, but that's where you go to get a good one apparently! I snagged a few bracelets and Japanese candies, but that's about it.

After that we ran (literally) to the bus and went to the Arizona Memorial, which was cool. I feel kind of helpless when I go to things like that, and it's hard not to just feel sort of crappy and leave it at that. Instead I decided to remember what happened, preserving the memory of those who died when Pearl Harbor was attacked as well as everyone else who serves our country in the military.

So that was yesterday, today is Sunday (free day) so we slept in, hit the beach, got some Puka Dog, and now we're getting ready to go out on the town, aka California Pizza Kitchen. Yes, this is the second time we're going there. Hey, it's good stuff!!
This is Puka Dog. Anthony Bourdain went here!! I think I almost crapped myself when I saw it, then again when I tasted the yummy-ness within. I got the "hot" secret sauce with pineapple relish. Sooooooo gooooood.

Side note: I CANNOT believe I turn 20 in two days. I'm (almost) not a teenager anymore! Life is rushing full speed at me, leaving nothing behind! Anyways, I'm excited. Ask me how it feels to be old, and I'll tell you it's never felt better.

Catch you later.

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Kerri said...

I'm soo happy you are having such a great time and getting to see some great things! I haven't been to Hawaii but I feel like I'm getting a new perspective on it ala you. :)