Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Jib-ney is my english phonetic interpretation of how you say "cheese" in Arabic. Our teacher Raja always says it when he takes our photo, it's neat.

Aaaannywho. Our Monday was jam packed. Here goes:
Here's Pali lookout, so pretty! Even with the clouds its pretty amazing.
Then we went to a Buddhist temple, it was rather breathtaking as well. I got 6 mosquito bites that morphed into giant ouchies, so it was a successfuly visit overall.
People feeding the birds were cute.
We continued on our trip over the island, stopping by the North Shore to say "waddup brada" to a sea turtle. Its name was Kaipo, meaning Sweetheart :)

So we also visited the Dole plantation... pineapple ice cream! Yum yum yum. Then we had EXTREMELY good sushi for dinner. Man oh man, it was a grand day.

Love love love it.

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