Saturday, January 23, 2010

lots of stuff


Alright this is a big'un. I haven't blogged in a while and it's time to get all caught up. Assuming you're interested, that is.

Oh, here's a photo from the Buddhist temple I forgot to post on the last one, I really liked this bench. It's not everyday you are given great advice from a chair.

TUESDAY: Sunset sail! And cake for my birthday, as well as Matt's birthday later in the month. We all had a grand time :)

WEDNESDAY: My birthday! I'm twenty! Thanks to all who called, and to those who sang happy birthday! I was really happy to hear from you all. Yay!

So we went to Hanama bay! Here's a photo of the sunny shine, before it rained us out of there.

Haha, so we caught the bus back, got ready and hit up Cheeseburger in Paradise. Yes, red eye is considered beautiful in some cultures... aka mine. Alright alright, I'm too lazy to fix it.

WEDNESDAY: Shangri La, Honolulu. Collection of Islamic art within Doris Duke's Hawaii home.

This was absolutely incredible. Doris Duke inherited money from her father, a lot of money. She grew up and found herself falling in love with Islamic art and acquired priceless pieces and brought them to her home in Hawaii, creating her own personally sanctuary and incredibly impressive art collection. She also built her house from the ground up to follow the Islamic style, which is why it is so architecturally breathtaking.

They didn't allow photos inside, so I took as many as I could documenting the insane beauty outside.

Guest house + pool + view = Me + gaping mouth + complete awe

FRIDAY: Polynesian Culture Center. We learned about Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti and of course, Hawai'i.

Ps: we were really hot.

SATURDAY: Bishop Museum. Super cool exhibits, too much for me to handle! Sensory overload with all the artifacts, art, presentations and everything in between.

Oh, then we went to the kids part and tried on Hawaiian bugs/animals costumes on. We're cute.

So that's it for now! Yes, I've been having a blast and yes, we've been super busy! We had our last lecture today and our exam is on Monday morning. Until then we'll be cramming in all the fun stuff we can, I mean... studying our brains off. Out to dinner tonight, snag bubble tea tomorrow on the way to the beach, eat some legit pho before we go (my plans span far and wide, you can see a food trend...)
But I'll be flying out Tuesday, which means I'll be seeing you soon :)

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